'Roommate' PD reveals the cast members will be able to show more chemistry starting from episode 2

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PD Park Sang Hyuk of 'Roommate' revealed the members would have more chemistry starting from episode 2!

He told OSEN, "In the 1st episode, the show showed the awkward process of introducing the cast and having them get to know each other. Their actual chemistry will show up starting from episode 2."

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He added, "There are various characters in the program, but their common point is that they're all likable. Starting from the 2nd episode, we'll be able to show their charms more in detail. It'll be an observational variety, like a sitcom."

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GahoBreaker Tuesday, May 6, 2014

my opinion from 1st Episode:

For the men, I found Chan yeol and Dong wook are really nice guys. Both look honest and simple with good manners. The older man with beard (sorry can't remember his name) is taking care of the whole casts, that part really touch my heart. ;

For the girls, Bom, as always, be my favorite out of all the members. She and Soo Hyun knock the door before come into the room, and even Dong wook offers help to carry her stuff, she said manager can take care of. Bom doesn't have that fake image like Nana, who thinks everyone should give her some sort of ;preferential ;treatments. I won't like girl who used aegyo(acting cute) or her beauty(Nana is pretty and she knows it, i won't deny) to get special attention/treatment. ;

Lee soo ra, she's too selfish and ;arrogant. Seong Ga Yeon, should I say she's too innocent or dumb? After she broke that table, she didn't even pick up the balls on the ground and just walk into room and call her friends. Looks like her career really had turned her into a 'man' with no manner.

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judyi Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Seong ga yeon actually tried to pick it up but she couldn't understand how it worked. More like she was flustered so she just let it go. I understand because I've done this and I was so confused on how to put it together

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junhue Monday, May 5, 2014

I really hope this doesn't turn into a second "The Romantic and Idol" where all the cast members turn this into a love contest and start crazy love triangles amongst each other. I hate that so much. Honestly, the first episode felt like it was heading in that direction with Hong Soo Hyun and Nana both naming Seo Kang Jun as their ideal type, and Park Min Woo showing bits of jealousy to the Soo Hyun/Kang Jun interaction. ;

I JUST WANT IT TO BE A FUNNY SHOW WHERE EVERYONE IS FUNNY AND HAPPY. Please no stupid love drama. That shit isn't fun to watch. It's boring and dumb af. If I wanted to see something like that I would just watch The Bachelor. ;

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babyblackjack Monday, May 5, 2014

Let's just hope it doesn't SEEM forced :/

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