Lim Chang Jung and his wife to divorce after 7 years of marriage

April 4, 2013 @ 11:52 pm
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Actor and singer Lim Chang Jung and his wife, pro golfer Kim will be going their separate ways after 7 years.

According to legal circles, Lim Chang Jung filed paperwork to get a divorce from his wife on April 1st.  Those papers were then sent to Kim on April 3rd.

The two married in March 2006 and gave birth to three children since then, seemingly living a happy life.  Even in September of 2012, Lim Chang Jung appeared on a hit variety show and expressed his love for his wife, who is 11 years younger than him, so the news of this pending divorce has been a big shock to fans.

It is said the two have already resolved matters regarding the divorce settlement and the reasons for the split are said to be due to busy schedules and being unable to overcome their differences.

Source: No Cut News via Nate, bnt News

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