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Leessang's Gary says he's not that great of a fighter

April 13, 2013 @ 1:56 pm
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Leessang's Gary cleared up a misunderstanding about his rumored amazing fighting skills.

On a recent broadcast, Gary was introduced as a celebrity with unexpected combat training. The show in question reported that Gary graduated from a bodyguard academy and had 8-degree black belts in various martial arts such as taekwondo and  hapkido. Also on a past talk show, fellow Leessang member Gil commented, "Gary's done boxing for the past 10 years and only used his left fist. Even when I use both my hands, I still lose."

Gary explained on Twitter, "Hul~ Now I've become a fight master. I'm embarrassed because it seems like a lie. Am I that impressive? My friends will poke fun at me about my supposed fighting ability again... Oh well~~~ I'm going to go eat pho now."

Netizens commented, "Gary oppa is so manly," "Gary, I hope the pho is delicious," and "He's shy."

Did you expect this from Gary?!

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