Lee Jang Woo opens up about his close friendship with Oh Yeon Seo

April 11, 2013 @ 9:40 am
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Following actress Oh Yeon Seo opening up about her teamwork with 'Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming' co-star Lee Jang Woo, the actor also shared how he and Oh Yeon Seo became close while filming the drama.

Lee Jang Woo commented on Oh Yeon Seo's character Na Gong Joo"She is the daughter of a wealthy family, but she is an innocent character who doesn't show off her background. I think she is a woman who has it all. If there was a woman like that in real life, I think I would immediately fall in love with her."

The actor also opened up about how he and Oh Yeon Seo became close in real life, revealing, "It's now been six months since we started filming, so our relationship has gotten close to the point that we understand each other just by looking at each other's eyes. Because teamwork is important, I made the effort to develop much of our teamwork early on in the drama. She is my university hoobae, and we are close in age, so I tried to get close with her from the beginning."

The two co-stars were previously swept up in a dating scandal, which Oh Yeon Seo's camp later denied. What do you think about their friendship?



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