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Did HaHa go too far with his 19+ statement on 'Moonlight Prince'?

February 13, 2013 @ 5:32 am
by jennywill
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HaHa had some frowning by being perhaps too open on 'Moonlight Prince'

Regarding his announcement a few weeks back about Byul being 3 months pregnant despite it being 2 months since their wedding (at the time), Haha clarified the rumors about a shotgun wedding.

The pair had often talked about how since Byul was a devout Christian, and didn't believe in sex before marriage. However, the revelation that she was 3 months pregnant after having had their wedding ceremony 2 months ago had many questioning the issue. To explain himself, HaHa said, "It's not that she got pregnant before we got married, but that she got pregnant before the ceremony. We registered our marriage beforehand."

He also added that they hadn't planned on having children right away, and in the process, revealed some details that viewers thought went too far for a public program. Haha stated, "We even avoided the date [of ovulation]. I poured out my strength on a safe day. We made love beautifully. We did it once, and she got pregnant."

His statement caused viewers to frown. Many believed he was being insensitive to his own wife, who was a conservative Christian. Not only that, but they commented that he had gone too far this time, saying there were certain matters that should have remained private between husband and wife. People commented, "Children watch this broadcast... and what would your wife think...", "Do you have to say it like that? Is there no privacy for your wife?", and "This isn't being honest, this is crossing the line".

What do you think?

Source: TV Report



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