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Seventeen reveals first member Minkyu

January 28, 2013 @ 5:02 pm
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Seventeen has revealed its first member Minkyu.

Previously, Pledis Entertainment explained that, "Not all the members from 'Seventeen TV' are confirmed to be final members of Seventeen. They will be going through various training and judging to be chosen as the final members. The group Seventeen is a team that starts with the public. The members will be chosen by monitoring the public's response."

Seventeen is a 17-membered group with an average age of 17. Their training process is shown through 'Seventeen TV', and they have been gaining much interest from the public.

Minkyu was the first member to be revealed through Seventeen's Twitter. There has been a lot of positive talk about Minkyu as he looks like he was straight out of a romance comic, and also bore a strong resemblance to actor Kim Bum.

Source: Seventeen's Twitter
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