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Ali's upcoming music video to feature cameo by hallyu-star actress

January 23, 2013 @ 3:30 pm
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Singer Ali is gearing up for her comeback. She recently wrapped up filming her music video featuring a hallyu-star actress, who has yet to be revealed.

A representative revealed, "For this new album, Ali showed her unique voice color, which is showcased to the fullest through her music. Since the new album will be released after a long time, Ali has more determination than ever before. For the filming of the title track's music video, we invited a hallyu-star level actress, who is known for her outstanding acting ability and visuals. It will be unveiled soon, so have big expectations for it."

Ali recently made her long-awaited comeback with her pre-released single "Selfish", which topped real-time search engines on the first day of its release. Stay tuned for the release of her full album on the 30th.




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