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Will Kang Ho Dong's new show be replacing 'Win Win'?

December 27, 2012 @ 11:05 am
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There are rumors floating around that Kang Ho Dong's new KBS program will be taking over 'Win Win'.

On the 26th, there were reports that Kang Ho Dong's new program would take over the 'Win Win' spot if it gets canceled. However, KBS said, "It is difficult to say that Kang Ho Dong's new program will be taking over 'Win Win'. Of course, because 'Win Win' could be canceled, there are many new pilot programs we are considering, including Kang Ho Dong's program. But none of this is confirmed."

Another KBS representative said, "Honestly, Kang Ho Dong's new program is likely to be aired during Saturday evening. However, it is also true that if 'Win Win' is canceled, it could move to that spot. There are many talks among the higher ups, but it is too early to say which program will take its place."

Kang Ho Dong's new program also added, "There is nothing confirmed about the time slot. We are looking for the best choice among many time slots. As people say, we are considering many time slots, including Saturday, Friday, and Tuesday. We're worried that people will say that 'Win Win' is being canceled because of Kang Ho Dong's program."



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