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Is Block B's Zico working with D-Unit on their next album?

December 17, 2012 @ 3:08 am
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Block B's Zico hung out with D-Unit after their promotions for "Luv Me" ended.

D-Unit had their last "Luv Me" stage on 'Inkigayo's December 16th episode, and then had dinner with Zico afterward to commemorate the end of their promotions. D-Unit had continuously written spoiler posts about Zico on their official SNS, so many fans had been wondering if Zico would be producing their next album.

On concluding promotions for "Luv Me", D-Unit expressed, "We've concluded our 6 weeks of promotions. We're very thankful for the fans that showed us love. We're disappointed, too, but we'll comeback next year with a new album, so please wait for us."

What do you think, could Zico be producing the girls' next album or are they all just buddies?

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