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Fans crowd around Psy and Noh Hong Chul in Times Square

December 15, 2012 @ 10:20 pm
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Noh Hong Chul got to witness Psy's fame first hand in the streets of Times Square.

On the December 15th broadcast of MBC's 'Infinity Challenge', Noh Hong Chul's trip to New York to personally deliver Infinity Challenge calendars was featured. After hearing about Noh Hong Chul's visit to NYC, Psy adjusted his schedule to fly to Manhattan via a helicopter in order to meet up with him.

Before heading over to Times Square together to test his fame, Psy shared, "There are some amazing days and there are days that aren't so amazing. I just want to say it's random. Today, could be a bad day." He continued to share, "On bad days, I wear sunglasses even at night. I go around looking just like I appeared in the music video."

However, it turned out that Psy's worries were unnecessary as many fans crowded around him in Times Square. Psy was immediately surrounded by fans who asked for photographs. Noh Hong Chul also had to face some embarrassing moments when some fans asked him to take the pictures for them.

Some people greeted Noh Hong Chul and danced with him, but as soon as they spotted Psy, Noh Hong Chul was left alone again. Some of the people didn't actually know who Noh Hong Chul was but had greeted him anyway. After Psy told them that Noh Hong Chul was the elevator guy from the music video, the fans started to finally recognize him.



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