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Suzy gets 'kidnapped' off stage at '2012 College Music Festival'

November 11, 2012 @ 2:16 am
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On the 8th, MBC held their filming for '2012 College Music Festival'.

Lee Juk and miss A's Suzy were MCs for the festival, and completed the process perfectly up to the award ceremony. While the winner Shim Moon Soo had his encore stage, the two went around to all the participants to greet them all.

However, during this, one of the participants pulled Suzy off stage and hugged her. Suzy was surprised but responded with a bright smile, which resulted in the other participants asking for photos and handshakes. She was surrounded by a crowd of overeager fans until fellow MC Lee Juk cut in and pulled her out.

Fans were also surprised by her 'kidnapping', and commented, "The participant went a little overboard..", "I understand you like her though", and "That was a little ill-mannered".


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