Song Ji Hyo speaks about her experience filming 'Running Man'

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Actress and 'Running Man' cast member Song Ji Hyo expressed her feelings on what it means to be the only female member in a popular variety program.

"I had an idea about it beforehand, but when I started 'Running Man' I really found out that I was shy around men," she confessed.

Although she seems to be the perfect fit for 'Running Man', she claimed that that wasn't always the case. "I think people think that because by now, they're used to be being on the show," she said. "When I first came on the program, I still get shivers thinking about myself."

Being the single female member had its benefits at first, she recollected. "Since I was the only female, and an actress, I think I got treated very well at first. Now? You probably can see for yourself, but now..." she trailed off, laughing.

"It took me one year to speak casually with Kim Jong Kook oppa," she confessed. "It was hard for me to call him 'oppa' as well. The same thing goes towards HaHa and Gary. I used to always call them 'sunbaenim'. 1 year later, somehow we'd become family. So even when we say mean things towards each other, we can brush it off lightly. I think that makes things more fun."

After she became a fixed member, she received many questions about why she would want to do a variety show. "It's always somewhat awkward. Maybe it's just my train of thought, but I wonder why people make a difference between those who do variety and those who do acting," she revealed. "Variety can also be a kind of work of art. Perhaps like a weekly drama? It's a little different, but I wish people would not make too much out of it. I'll also work hard to show a different side of myself. Because there's no reason to keep it tucked away."

Source: Newsen via Nate


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