Dynamic Duo jokes producer Primary is a "music pervert"

November 17, 2012 @ 12:11 am
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On the November 16th broadcast of 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook', producer Primary brought along his collaborative artists Zion.T and Dynamic Duo, who revealed Primary's real-life personality.

When asked, "How is the box mask covered Primary in real-life?", as the producer appears with a box on his head in his latest release and his music show promotions, Dynamic Duo joked, "Primary is a music pervert," bringing laughs with their description.

They explained, "All Primary does is make music whether it's at home or in the studio. His hobby is to collect eclectic musical pieces, and he takes breaks by playing instruments and listening to music." To which MC Yoo Hee Yeol hilariously responded, "How could he have so little friends to become like this", causing everyone to laugh.

Primary recently released his full-length album, 'Primary and the Messengers LP' and concluded his album promotions with this episode of 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook'.

Check out the performances below!

Source + image: TV Daily via Nate


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