Jun Hye Bin captures wild duck with bare hands on 'Laws of the Jungle 2'

October 21, 2012 @ 4:00 pm
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Jun Hye Bin's successful hunt and capture of a wild duck in Madagascar was aired on the October 21st broadcast of 'Laws of the Jungle 2'.

On this episode, Kim Byung Man treaded into smelly waters that had rotting wood sunken on the bottom for the sake of hunting a duck. The duck would appear, then disappear, frustrating and tiring the jungle crew after multiple failures. The 'tribal chief' expressed his frustration, saying, "When we find it on land, it disappears into the water. When we go into the water, it goes on the land as if it's playing hide and seek."

During the midst that Kim Byung Man was letting out his frustration, Jun Hye Bin yelled out from somewhere - she had captured the duck with her bare hands. She had ventured into a deeper corner without cameras and had successfully captured the elusive waterfowl.

She expressed her surprise, saying how at first she didn't think it would get caught. "I really didn't expect to catch it, but a moment later, there it was captured in my hands," she said in a post-interview.  "I was surprised and confused on what to do. Although it's a shame that there were no cameras to capture the moment, I think it was because there were no cameras that I succeeded."

Source: Nate

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