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G.NA proves her popularity in Taiwan

October 18, 2012 @ 9:05 pm
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G.NA proved her popularity as a Hallyu star in Taiwan.

On the 18th, the singer tweeted two photos, one with famous Taiwanese band MAYDAY, and the other showcasing her fans crowding the outside of her vehicle.

For the first photo, she tweeted, "With MAYDAY, a famous band in Taiwan". In the photo, she shows off her long, thin legs and her trademark full body in a tight black sleeveless shirt and flower-print short shorts. With the second, she wrote, "Before leaving Taiwan! I took photos with the fans in secret". She is in the bottom corner of the photo, and her fans fill up the window of the car, trying to get closer to her.

G.NA recently released her first international album 'Oui' and she is visiting Taiwan in efforts to further promote the album.

Source: G.NA's Twitter

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