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D.Q. (Diamond Queen) releases debut single, 'Let's Go Start D.Q.'

October 18, 2012 @ 1:52 pm
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New four-member girl group D.Q. (Diamond Queen) has released their debut single album, 'Let's Go Start D.Q.'!

'Let's Go Start D.Q.' includes "Shining Star" and "Hello" as well as the songs' instrumentals. Producer YJB (Yeon Jun Bum), who also features on "Shining Star", teamed up with composer Shin Jae Hyun to create D.Q.'s bubbly, pop sound.

This single album serves as a preview of the group before D.Q. releases their first full-length album next year.

Check out D.Q.'s songs below!


"Shining Star" (feat. YJB)

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