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Crispi Crunch releases new teaser for "Menboong Time"

September 2, 2012 @ 2:31 pm
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Crispi Crunch, the hip hop duo that rocked the stage with "Thumbs Up" last year, is gearing up for their comeback with "Menboong Time" (Mental Breakdown). After releasing their first teaser a few weeks ago, they've returned to raise the hype a little bit more!

The new teaser features Crispi Crunch along with famous comedian Ahn Young Mi (from 'Gag Concert'), who was revealed to be featuring in the hip-hop duo's new album. Calling herself the 'Yoon Mi Rae' of Euijeongbu, she promises viewers that the new album will be a good one.

The teaser ends with a tantalizing snippet of "Menboong  Time". Check out the teaser below, and wait for the full album release on September 3rd!

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