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2PM & Hottest celebrate 4th year anniversary

September 3, 2012 @ 4:20 pm
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As September 4th officially hits Korea, Hottests along with the members of 2PM are celebrating 2PM's fourth year anniversary.

Back on September 4, 2008, 2PM debuted with their single "10 Out of 10".

The 2PM members took to their Twitter to write some comments for their Hottests.

Junsu wrote, "2PM 4TH ANNIVERSARY! THANK YALL FOR SUPPORTING US THROUGHOUT THE YEARS! Our HOTTEST feelings.. My feelings.. they're the same.. I love you!!"

Wooyoung wrote, "4 year anniversary... I'll continue to work hard in order to repay all the love fans have given me^^ I love you♥."

Junho wrote, "From September 4th, 2008 to September 4th, 2012, I was able to continue for 4 years thanks to everyone who has always been by my side. Let's continue to work hard together^^ I'm also planning to do my activities with brand new wings!!! Love you HOTTEST all over the world."

Taecyeon wrote, "We will work harder to show a better side to ourselves and our continuous development in return for the ongoing support you have given us for 4 years. Thank you."

Nichkhun shared the following picture:

Source(s): Junsu's Twitter, Taecyeon's Twitter, Junho's Twitter, Wooyoung's Twitter, Nichkhun's Twitter

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