Two members of Tajinyo sentenced to prison

July 6, 2012 @ 9:02 am
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Two members of Tajinyo, a group that's been making malicious claims about the validity of Tablo's degree from Stanford University, have been sentenced to prison.

'Won' and 'Lee' were sentenced to 10-month prison terms for defaming the rapper at Seoul Central District Court on July 6, 10AM KST. Six other members of the group were given house arrest for 2 years and if they break the law they will be sentenced to prison for 8 months.

Judge Kwak Yoon Kyung stated, "The public is free to express their interest in celebrities, and celebrities must handle it to some extent. However, the two went over the threshold of simple comments into continuous, malicious slander against Tablo and his family."

He went on, "Though Tablo had submitted sufficient evidence, they didn't believe it and claimed it was the work of hackers and middlemen; the malicious comments did not stop. The two persons [are guilty] of defamation of character against Tablo and his family, and they even insisted that the evidence was fabricated. Because they did not apologize or reflect [on their actions], they were sentenced."

Source: Osen

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