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Big Bang's "Monster" sets a record on Chinese video-sharing site

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Big Bang has once again proved that they are one of Asia's most esteemed idol group.

Big Bang's latest song, "Monster", snatched the #1 spot on the weekly V-Chart in China's largest music video site YinYueTai. Big Bang achieved this feat by amassing over 290 million views and receiving a perfect score for the music video.

A spokesperson for YinYueTai stated, "There are only two videos which amassed a score a perfect score of 100 in on V-Chart's Korean section this year and the stars who have attained such glory are none other than Big Bang."

YinYueTai is China's most popular music video website with over 3 million visitors everyday. YinYueYai's V-Chart ranking is based on view count, downloads, and reviews based on visitors from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and western countries.

Big Bang's music video for "Bad Boy" and "Monster" now hold a record on YinYueTai for attaining two perfect scores in 2012. "Monster" has captured the attention of many fans with its Blockbuster-like concept and the unusual haircuts sported by the members.

Additionally, "Monster" is also doing well both domestically and internationally, with over 7 million views on Youtube.

Meanwhile, Big Bang is currently in Japan for their arena tour which will attracted over 255,000 audience members and is set to release their special album "Alive - Monster Edition" on June 20th in celebration of their world tour.

Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate



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