Lyrics of Norazo's "Woman Person" were written by an 8 year old boy

May 13, 2012 @ 6:29 pm
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It was recently discovered that the lyrics of "Woman Person", the latest track from the eccentric male duo Norazo, were the work of an eight-year-old elementary school student.

On May 10th, a representative from Norazo's agency shared with Star News, "The lyrics of "Woman Person" were in fact written by Lee Jung In, an eight-year-old. He built the lyrics on the basis of a conversation he had with the moon and stars. The lyrics are brilliant with the purity of young children."

Lee Jung In is is the son of Lee Young Jun, the lyricist behind "Superman", a track that shot Norazo to fame a few years ago. The little lyricist, who participated in the album at his father's suggestion, seems set to rise in the ranks of famed songwriters, don't you think?

Meanwhile, Norazo recently performed their digital single on various music shows this week, and have been receiving positive reviews for the track's beautiful arrangement of string, acoustic drums and guitar.

Source: Star News

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