Go Young Wook admits to having sexual relations with victim

May 10, 2012 @ 12:11 am
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Go Young Wook, who is currently being investigated by the police, has admitted to having sexual relations with the victim.

A representative from Seoul Yongsan Police Station informed Newsen on May 9th, "Victim 'A' has no intention of settling and wants to see him receive punishment."

The rep continued, "As 'A' is a minor, if the sexual assault accusations are proven to be true, whether a settlement is reached or not, [Go Young Wook] will receive punishment. This is not a crime in which a formal complaint from the victim is required. The victim has stated that she revealed her age to Go Young Wook. Go Young Wook has also admitted to having sexual relations with the victim, so if the sexual assault accusations turn out to be true, he will not be able to avoid the due punishment."

Go Young Wook is under suspicion of sexually assaulting 'A' twice, once in March and once again in April. "Go Young Wook told the victim that he would make her into a celebrity," a representative from the police revealed. "The victim later expressed her frustrations, saying that she felt used."

Meanwhile, the Yongsan Police Station issued an arrest warrant for Go Young Yook for the violation of child and youth protection laws.

Source & Image : Newsen via Nate

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