Eun Ji Won is the #1 most requested star for variety show appearances

May 1, 2012 @ 2:00 pm
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Eun Ji Won, who started working on music shortly after leaving '1 Night 2 Days', is reported to be the #1 most requested for variety show appearances.

The star has gathered a lot of nicknames over the years since he started on '1N2D' in late 2007. He's been lovingly called "Eun-choding" (elementary school kid Eun) and "Genius-Won" among other titles.

Eun Ji Won left '1N2D' back in February stating, "For a while, I'll be putting all my energy into this break." Since then, he's worked on Gavy NJ's album, and consistently stayed on the radar with appearances on KBS' 'Critical Escape Number 1', MBC's 'Come to Play', SBS' '100 Million Won Quiz Show', and soon, MBC's 'Jewelry House', which is a talk show program that will feature Jung Bo Suk, Leeteuk, Jo Eun Sook, and Shin Hae Chul.

He'll also be starring in the TVN sitcom 'Please Answer 1997', which is set to start broadcasting in June.

Source + Photo: Segye via Nate

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