Urban Zakapa's Kwon Soonil was almost a member of Super Junior

April 11, 2012 @ 9:06 pm
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Kwon Soonil from co-ed R&B group Urban Zakapa revealed that he was once a trainee under SM Entertainment.

Urban Zakapa's Kwon Soonil, Cho Hyuna, and Park Yongin guest-featured on the April 10th episode of 'Park Myung Soo's Moving TV'.

Soonil revealed that when he was in the 6th grade, he won an award after entering a singing competition hosted by SM Entertainment, and spent the next three years as a trainee.

He rehearsed with the members of Super Junior and TVXQ, and if he had remained as a trainee, he would have been a member of Super Junior today.

But Soonil left SM Entertainment in order to be able to participate in the kind of music he wanted to.

Fellow member Park Yongin admitted that he kisses the mic when he sings, and Cho Hyuna surprised everyone by revealing that she has featured in more than 30 songs by other artists.

Urban Zakapa also put on a spontaneous live stage, sang a few songs by today's top idols, and video chatted with musicians they were close to, such as Alex of Clazziquai.

For those of our readers who are not familiar with Urban Zakapa, check out a few of their hit songs below!

[ My Love ]

[ Cafe Latte ]

[ Always Be Mine ]

Source & Image: AsiaToday via Nate

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