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IU's skin tone change?

April 3, 2012 @ 2:25 pm
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IU is receiving interest for her noticeably brighter skin tone.

Earlier today, a post was made on an online community board comparing IU's skin during her debut days with her current appearance, and people are commenting that IU didn't have the same light skin tone when she first debuted.

The pictures in the post are mostly of IU during her 2008 promotion of "Missing Child". Even with make up on, IU's skin definitely looks like it had more color. Other older photos of IU also showed her tanner skin.

Though some netizens are suggesting that the change was caused by whitening products and treatment, others are suggesting various explanations for her previously darker tone. When IU first debuted, her make up was usually toned down, and she was still in the process of maturing so her looks were prone to change. The difference in skin tone could also be due to lighting.

Netizens commented on the post, "She's still pretty then and now", "Does IU have slander forces? Why do people keep talking about her past?", "I guess she continuously received whitening treatment. I'm jealous", and "I was dark when I was little too, but I'm white now, it's definitely possible for skin tone to change."

In related news, since the release of the Japanese version of "Good Day", IU has been actively promoting the hot single in Japan.

Source+Picture: Star News via Naver

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