[Spoilers: Dream High 2] Hearts flutter between which couple?

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With the tenth episode of 'Dream High 2', love and jealousy are brewing in the air with the recent developments in the love lines. Most specifically, those who ship JB and Haesung (Kang Sora) were delighted to see the cuteness abound during a recent scene in their drawing class.

As JB joined the 'ugly ducklings' team with the recent disruptions and conflict with Nana (SISTAR's Hyorin), JB and Haesung are seen flirting with each other during their drawing class. The students are assigned to draw self-portraits, in which JB draws a hilarious, yet ugly picture of a girl, and proceeds to tell the class that it's Haesung.

In addition, JB and Haesung share cute banter as they each offer to hold up the mirror. The increasingly jealous Yoojin (2AM's Jinwoon) sees the exchange and starts breaking his pencils angrily in the background.

While Haesung is finishing her sketch with JB watching her, he tries to steal her sketch journal with the detailed sketches of JB. Haesung tries to quickly snatch the notebook away, but JB taunts her by holding the notebook out of reach, only to fall backwards as Haesung falls on top of him.

The near-kiss and the heart palpitations that followed drove the viewers crazy at the genuine emotional beginning between JB and Haesung.

Check out the clip below and cheer on the couple!



[Note: This post reflects the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of allkpop.]

Let us all take a moment and hum in pure joy with this cute development of the JB-Haesung couple. It's actually quite nice to see both Haesung and JB confront their emotions, trying to discern what is love and friendship - much like any average teenager does. While I thoroughly love how the JB-Haesung relationship line is developing, I wish I could say the same for Yoojin-Haesung. As of now, there essentially seems to be little competition posed by Yoojin as he seems to be only in the backdrop as the jealous figure. Let's hope he learns to employ his confidence and outspokenness to make the game between himself and JB more exciting.

In regards to the hand holding between Rian (T-ara's Jiyeon) and JB at the end of the episode, it seem to hint at a new beginning. Much like Rian throwing JB's shoes at him, it seems like Rian and JB are starting to detach from the antagonistic feelings incurred from their break-up and past. Since the writers will most likely start taking this relationship into a love line, Rian will probably become a more threatening competition to Haesung's relationship with JB. Not only does Rian have the past with JB, she is also willing to start anew with tiny steps of becoming friends/teammates with him.

What do you predict?




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