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KARA, B2ST, and more win at 7th annual 'Asia Model Awards'

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On January 18th, a few of Korea's top idols were handed awards at the 7th annual 'Asia Model Awards'.

The '2012 Asia Model Awards' is a multi-effort production, funded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, & Tourism, co-managed by DKB & Model Center International, and hosted by the Korean Models' Association.

The event was held over two days on January 17th and 18th at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. Many prominent figures from the modelling, beauty, cultural, and music industries were present to honor 2011's receipients.

On the first day, 11 countries were represented at the event and a Asian rookie model competition took place. On the second day, 30 professional models from 15 different countries were present to receive awards and put on a fashion show.

The awards presented at the event included the 'Asia Star Award', 'Popular Star Award', 'Popular Artist Award', 'Model Star Award', 'New Star Award', 'Fashionista Award', as well as 'Asia Model Award', 'Fashion Model Award', 'CF Model Award', 'Rookie Award', 'Racing Model Award', and more.

From Korea, Byun Harin, Kim Jae Bum, Lee Sung Hwa, Joo Da Ha, Shin Won Ho, Son Eun Seo, Hye Park, Hwee Hwang, as well as fashion designer Lee Sang Bong received awards.

Additionally, celebrities and idols like KARA, Rainbow, A Pink, Jay Park, B2ST, MBLAQ, IU, Lee Yeon Hee, Jung Il Woo, Cha Ye Ryun, Lee Jung Jin, Leo Ku, and Choi Ji Woo also accepted trophies for their respective contributions.

Check out some photos from the event below!

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Source & Image : TV Daily, as tagged


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