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End of Lunar New Year festivities signal the onslaught of comebacks in the music industry

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The flood of comebacks in the Korean music industry has been temporarily stemmed during the Lunar New Year holiday. However, the end of the holidays will signal the renewed onslaught of comebacks.

Big Bang has already started the countdown to their long awaited comeback. Just before the end of the holidays, YG Entertainment has posted a video titled, "Big Bang is Coming" on their homepage. Big Bang was originally scheduled to make their return at the end of February, but rumors of an earlier comeback has other singers holding their breath anxiously.

Another group planning a February comeback is 4Minute. 4Minute had originally planned to make a release sometime January, but has since pushed back their release date to late February. 4Minute, who last year made an impact with their 'Mirror, Mirror' concept, is currently planning another killer concept to surprise their fans.

EXO, SM Entertainment's first new group since SHINee, is speculated to be making their debut mid-February. EXO is said to have TVXQ's charisma combined with SHINee's fresh appeal, and will be making their debut simultaneously in Korea and China.

With these comebacks from industry titans, singers who belong to smaller companies will be trying their best to grab the spotlight. Dal Shabet will be throwing away their cute concept in favor of a sexier image. On January 26th, they will be releasing a song titled, 'Hit U'. On the same day, Secret's TS Entertainment will be releasing their highly anticipated 6-member boy group B.A.P's 'Warrior'.

Heating up the comeback scene, BEAST will also be releasing a digital single on the 26th, titled, 'I knew it'. In addition, Brown Eyed Girls' Miryo will be making her solo debut on February 1st. Se7en, who recently released a Japanese single, is also rumored to be planning a comeback soon.

February will  also experience the comeback of a variety of singers, including A Pink, SuperStar K's John Park, as well as 2AM.

Source & Image: OSEN


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