Wind Hold Venus snags an endorsement contract in Japan

December 12, 2011 @ 2:09 pm
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Rookie female rock band Wind Hold Venus has landed a Japanese CF deal worth $100,000 USD! According to representatives of their agency, the girls recently signed a contract with Mitsuya International for $100,000 USD, making them the models for clothing brand 'Star Five'. In October, the girls became the first ever Korean band to be featured in Japan's 'Rolling Stone' magazines and attracted attention from fashion industry representatives after performing barefoot at the 'Nagoya Collection'. CEO Kawamura of Mitsuya commented, "There are a lot of plans in store for Wind Hold Venus in Japan, and we plan on expanding their CF activities to include character endorsements, sun glasses, and other markets. They have a quality that differentiates them from other girl groups who focus primarily on dance, so we believe that they have an infinite amount of potential." Plus 9 Entertainment, the girls' label, also stated, "We're looking forward to expanding the girls' careers in Japan through this CF contract." Source + Photos: Newsen

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