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2NE1's Park sisters continue to update from NYC

December 12, 2011 @ 7:12 am
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On December 12th, 2NE1's Sandara Park continued her barrage of photos from her trip to NYC. Updating through her me2day, Sandara began with a post of her New York purchases. "Things I found in New York!!! +.+", she began. "Jelly shaped like sam-gyup-sal (Korean bacon)~! I'll give it to Jjangmae. The best! Cute shoes~! +.+ They barely had any in my size but there was one! So cute! ^.^ Remy oppa's present for me: a yellow watch!  +.+ I like them all~!!!"

She then shared a photo of her iconic hairstyle, followed by this comedic two-shot herself with fellow member Park Bom. "Bom's way of bothering Dara!!! lol Dara became a human guitar~ Bom became a guitarist! ^0^;;;;;; lol", she laughed.

Sandara then concluded her post with, "Right now we are in~!!! MTV Time square studio!!!!!!!!! Tada!!! ^0^ We forgot about this while relaxing for a few days in New York!!! We!!! Will!!! Perform!!! Here!!! Tomorrow!!! ^0^ It feels real now that we're actually here!!! +.+ Wow~!!! Let's have fun!!"

Meanwhile, Park Bom also wrote on her me2day: "We came for rehearsal~ MTV Time square studio~~o(^▽^)o Tomorrow, we will perform here~~ lol ^____^ A lot of Blackjacks will come and see, right~~~???\(^______^)/Now, we're nervous~~ lol"

2NE1 will hold a live concert in New York's Times Square on December 12th. --- Source + Image: Park Bom's me2day, Sandara's me2day

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