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APRIL KISS's explosive powerful & sexy charisma floors fans

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Rookie girl group APRIL KISS may just be starting out, but the ladies have already been catching many kpop fans' eyes as they made their round of music show debut performances this weekend. On September 1st, APRIL KISS, composed of six charismatic girls, made their debut on Mnet 'M! Countdown' with their title song, "Hello Bus", catching plenty of spotlight for their debut performance. They followed up the next day with a performance on KBS Music Bank, then wrapped up on Inkigayo last night. APRIL KISS has been garnering much attention since their pre-debut days, back when they were hailed as 'female 2PM'. Composed of  Soo Min, Kooji, Haejeun, Sara, Julie, and Seeho, APRIL KISS members are all experienced in different genres such as super model, CF model, and musical actress. "Hello Bus" is a track featuring strong beats and an addictive melody that makes a very strong impact on the listeners. The song portrays the sexy charisma that APRIL KISS members each have, and with the right choreography, the girls were able to put on a spectacular debut performance. APRIL KISS members impressed the fans with their stable vocals even though it was their first time on stage. Not only that, but the girls had the guys going wild for more as they flaunted their excellent physique and slim figures. Netizens commented after watching their performance, "They are amazing", "Other girl groups should be nervous", "'Hello Bus' and APRIL KISS fighting", "Finally a rookie group to be excited about," giving positive feedback on the new girl group. If you haven't checked out this group yet, here's their performance: [embed][/embed] Source & Photo: Star N News via Naver


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