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Jiyeon's "model" brother revealed to the public

August 1, 2011 @ 10:30 pm
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T-ara's Jiyeon was revealed to have a brother named Park Hyo Joon. His fame shot skyward after netizens discovered his modelling shots from Noh Hong Chul's internet men's clothing store, 'NohHongChul.com'. At the time, comments pointed out the similarity of this model's eyes to Jiyeon's. It was later discovered that Park Hyo Joon was Jiyeon's brother, after a photo of the two was found on Jiyeon's Twitter and garnered a lot of interest. The two were labeled as the 'superior siblings. Park Hyo Joon stands at 180cm (5'11"), has immaculate skin, and is very fashionable. He basically meets every criteria there is of being the ultimate 'flower boy'. As an aspiring actor and model, he confessed, "I used to get a bit depressed when I was addressed as Jiyeon's brother more than as model Park Hyo Joon," but added, "However, right now, I want what's best for both my sister and I. I'm striving to participate in different activities and grow as not just a model, but as a singer as well". Netizens commented, "It's going to be hard to get noticed as someone else other than Jiyeon's brother, since he started getting famous for it", "He has the perfect face of an idol, he should debut already" and "Are they going to be like the Kim Tae Hee sibling pairing?". Source & Photo: TV Report via Nate



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