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Upcoming ballad group BoM prepares for debut with a 'free hug' event

July 22, 2011 @ 1:34 am
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Upcoming vocal group BoM have just revealed their remaining members in preparation for their debut. Showing leader Meng Sechang, who previously headlined for being a child actor, the photo also introduces the remaining members Raewon (24), Tagoon (18), and Yua (17). Yoon Chowon of Y2Y Contents Company stated, "The four members are prepared rookies who are exceptional in all areas of visuals and talent. Their debut date has been set, but they aren't letting it get to them and are busily focusing on their rehearsals. We are preparing a stage that will show off the charms of BoM to the best of their potential, so please look forward to it." BoM will be releasing their first single, "Without You", on July 28th (the same day of their debut stage). Ahead of their debut, they will be holding a 'free hug' event at Myungdong on the 24th. In addition to their first teaser, the group revealed another one minute-long teaser today starring actress Park Eun Bin, so check it out below! Source: OSEN via Naver

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