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miss A reveals audio teaser for comeback track, "Good Bye Baby"

July 10, 2011 @ 11:56 pm
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Get ready for one of K-pop's most anticipated idol comebacks - miss A have just updated their official website with an audio teaser for their new song, "Good Bye Baby"! The girls dropped some hints on July 9th through their individual Twitters: beginning with members Fei and Min, who said "Good Evening Baby!" and "Good Morning Baby!" respectively, Suzy and Jia later updated with "Good Night Baby" and "Good afternoon baby~". Fans buzzed excitedly over what these mysterious messages could mean; today, they learned that like the day, a relationship can rise, peak, and set, ultimately with "Good Bye Baby". The song itself starts with a sweet harmonization of voices, as the girls croon, "Good bye baby, good bye...". An assertive drum kick drops, and then a shaking of maracas and castanets set the mood for a sultry song. AQ Entertainment (the JYPE sub-label who manages miss A) said, "Fans will be able to see miss A return with a more charismatic and mature feel. We ask that you give us your interest in the transformations they will be showing in the future." Check out the audio preview below, and stay tuned to allkpop for more updates on miss A's comeback later on this week! - Source: miss A's Official Website Tip: songbird86

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