Upcoming boyband 'B1A4' introduced through webtoon series

April 11, 2011 @ 1:06 am
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There's a new idol group in town, and they're boasting a concept that's quite unique. Named 'B1A4', the group was first introduced through an online comic series, or 'webtoon'. Because so little information is currently available (other than what's found in the actual webtoon series itself), netizens have been going wild with speculations. One netizen claimed to have figured out the meaning behind their name by explaining that the characters of the webtoon had A and B bloodtypes. Another speculated that the group was co-ed; though there's only five male leads in the picture above (Gong Chan, Shin Woo, San Deul, Jin Young, and Baro), rumor has it that there's a female lead named Anna as well. On April 11th, a representative from B1A4's agency finally put out a face and some bio info on of its members. Introduced as leader Jin Young, the representative claimed that this idol possesses exceptional musical talent. "There are a lot of interesting pieces of information about B1A4 in their webtoon," they said. "Our agency is receiving a flood of calls asking for more information. Jin Young is the team's leader and has been trained in composing, singing, and acting for a while now. He's exceptional in musical talent, and their upcoming album will feature a song composed and written by him." B1A4 is currently scheduled to debut by the end of this month. Source: Asia Economy via Naver, OSEN via Naver

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