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Brave Girls release teaser for debut track, "Do You Know"

April 6, 2011 @ 12:44 am
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Brave Brothers has been working on his project girl group since late last year, and they're just a few days away from dropping their debut single. A teaser for the Brave Girls' title track, "Do You Know", has just been revealed, and it's sounding quite promising! The melody is like a throwback to early '90s R&B - there's an emphasis on rich vocals, with a twist provided by the quirky sound of a synthesized keyboard. Meanwhile, the teaser shows seductive snippets of their choreography, which draws focus on their long legs and seductive charm. Check out the teaser for yourself below, and tell us your initial thoughts on this new girl group! Their debut single will drop on April 8th, so check back with allkpop for updates! Tip: Jae

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