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[UPDATE] "KARA Just Disband" petition started by "Burning"

February 18, 2011 @ 10:57 am
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The members of KARA, who are currently in a legal dispute with their company, DSP Media, have suffered a rather painful blow, but this time from netizens. On February 16th, a petition was opened up on the portal site Daum, titled "KARA Just Disband".  The members of this petition are trying to gain at least 100,000 members, but are currently only at 665 members and counting. The creator of this petition, a netizen who goes by the name "Burning", stated that, "I loved KARA and supported their Japan debut and expected to see an improved KARA after they came back", but that he instead got, "People who call themselves parents who block the path of their children, so I think it would be better for us if we didn't have to see KARA anymore." --- [UPDATE] --- As of 8:45 PM (Korean time), February 18th, the original (stated above) petition has been removed. Source: BNT News #1, #2 via Nate

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