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Park Bom's older sister is a famous cellist

January 15, 2011 @ 7:30 pm
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2NE1's talented vocalist Park Bom recently caught the public's interest as she introduced her older sister. On the 14th, Park Bom wrote via Me2day, "My sister is totally awesome! I just came back from her solo concert. For the encore song she played 'You and I'...When did she find the time to practice? I almost cried. Did you ever hear 'You and I' played by the cello?" revealing the fact that her sister was a cellist. Along with the words, Park Bom also posted a profile picture of her older sister Park Go Eun. This is the first time Park Bom officially introduced her older sister publicly. Park Go Eun, who started playing the cello from age nine, graduated from the prestigious Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University and is currently a famous cellist who has entered numerous competitions. Meanwhile, Park Bom who came to her sister's concert with Sandara Park commented, "When we went to my sister's music concert Sandara drove us," also revealing a picture of herself and Sandara together. Source: Newsen

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