CEO of entertainment agency charged for sexually harassing a trainee

January 18, 2011 @ 9:03 am
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On January 17th, the Seoul Metropolitan Police arrested "L" (30), the CEO of an entertainment company, on charges of sexually harassing a female high school trainee. It was reported that from April to September of 2010, 'L' took nude pictures of an 18 year old singer trainee on five separate occasions, giving reasons like "We need to show sex scenes for our sponsor" and "We need nude pictures from you as a guarantee that you won't flee." Unfortunately, this 18-year-old trainee is not the first he's approached in this manner. From September of 2007 until September of 2010, 'L' also used the same sexual advances with actress trainees "B" and "C", ages 22 and 24 respectively. According to police investigative reports, 'L' had been telling them that "to be a celebrity, money is needed for plastic surgery and trainee fees", and that if they could not pay the fees, sponsors needed to be found to cover for them. 'L' said, "It was only after I gave a detailed explanation on sponsors when "B" mutually agreed to have sex." However, "B" stated in contrast, "He partially forced me to have sex. He didn't give me any training as a singer, and didn't even introduce me to any sponsors." To aid their investigation, the police recovered deleted nude pictures and videos of 10 females from "L"'s computer, which has been confiscated for further scrutiny. Source: Sports Korea, SPN, Newsen

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