T-MAX's Park Yun Hwa officially enlists for the army

November 16, 2010 @ 6:36 am
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T-MAX's former member Park Yun Hwa has officially entered the military for his mandatory duties on November 15th. Park Yun Hwa withdrew from T-MAX due to his decision to enter the service before he was called up. He's set to take part in a 5-week of military training program, followed by 20 months of active duty. On the same day, a fellow T-MAX member revealed pictures of Park Yun Hwa shaving off his hair. The singer added to the tweet, "You can't really tell the difference.. whether this is for sending him off to the army… or preparing him to enter middle school." (In the past, Korean schools had strict hair regulations, in which guys had to shave their heads in the same fashion as those entering the army.) Following the withdrawal of Park Yun Hwa, T-MAX recruited two new members - one is a former contestant of 'Superstar K', Joo Chan Yang, and the other is rookie Park Han Bi. The group is currently preparing for their first fan meet in Japan this December 13th, titled 'Special Winter Story in Tokyo'. In any case, we wish Park Yun Hwa the best of luck in his duties, and we're looking forward to seeing him again in the music world after he returns! [gallery] Source: Newsen

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