Police confirm Tablo graduated from Stanford

October 8, 2010 @ 3:35 am
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After investigating claims against Tablo's education history, the police have finally confirmed on October 8th that Tablo graduated from Stanford University. The police investigated various documents and even requested further information from Stanford University regarding Tablo, before making their decision. Regarding the 22 netizens that Tablo charged, their IPs were traced and they were called to make an appearance, but the majority of them have refused.  The police stated, "The admin of TaJinYo, whatbecomes, illegally used the name of a friend who is currently serving in a detention facility. Our cyber investigative team contacted the suspects and alerted them of their crimes. After requesting that they make an appearance, they refused, claiming that the posts they made were just." The police continued, "After checking Tablo's immigration forms, we found that he entered Korea a total of nine times from the time he entered college, to the time he graduated from graduate school. All visits were made during his break. We could not find any evidence on him forging anything." TaJinYo is currently looking for lawyers to represent their members. Source: TV Daily, Union News, Star News, Newsen Photo: TV Daily

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