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Who are the "Bagel Girls"?

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"Bagel Girl" is a new Korean term to describe female celebrities with 'baby' (pristine) faces and 'glamorous' figures. Notable stars include Shin Min Ah, Shin Se Kyung, UEE, and many others. The list is predominantly made up of actresses, with a handful of female singers. Korea has grown to idolize stars with these two aspects which seemingly contrast yet compliment each other. Although the premises for "bagel girl" are a youthful semblance and alluring silhouette, the celebrities bring their unique natural charm. Some bring outright beauty and sexual allure, while others with petite figures emphasize their cute and adorable appeal. What other characteristics befit the label of 'bagel girl'? Iconic bagel girl, Shin Min Ah, led the forefront of this sensation with her eye smile and dimples. These two aspects epitomize what Koreans deem a  'youthful complexion'. Shin Se Kyung, the new face of "innocent glamour", also boasts a pleasant eye smile. Her recent CF for the 'Next ION G2' beverage definitely won her the hearts of numerous male fans. 'Cute charisma' is also wildly popular as another type of 'bagel girl'. Seo Woo and Jo Yuh Joung are popular for their petite yet voluptuous bodies. Seo Woo recently played the role of a high school teen in "Cinderella's Sister"; Jo Yuh Joung is a newfound star from the movie "The Servant", released in 2010. Finally, there are the sexy stars who flaunt their S-line body like UEE and Min Hyo Rin. UEE was the center of the controversy around because of her "honey thighs". Nonetheless, her choice of sultry performance attire and her physique makes it hard to doubt her place as a 'bagel girl' (and this term clearly carries less negative connotations). She was also chosen as a lead model for numerous soju brands, like 'Chum Churum' and 'Cool Soju'. Surprisingly, these aforementioned stars also dominated this year as the top jean CF models. Source: nate


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    asfirstlove Saturday, December 21, 2013

    uee is my bagel girl ;

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