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Lee Seung Gi's "deep" kiss

September 14, 2010 @ 11:51 pm
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Lee Seung Gi caused a spark on today's episode of 'Strong Heart' as he revealed that he has indeed experienced a "deep" kiss, otherwise known as a "french" kiss. The topic came up as veteran actor Ryu Si Won stated, "During the past 16 years of acting, I've finished filming 200 projects, and most have had kiss scenes. However, I've always faked the kiss scene, and have never done a deep kiss." After hearing Ryu Si Won's confession, co-host Kang Ho Dong turned to Lee Seung Gi and asked, "Seung Gi, have you perhaps had a deep kiss?" The singer is said to have responded shyly that he had, surprising everyone in the studio. Though Lee Seung Gi is 23 years old, his mild-mannered and "goody two shoes" image probably made his confession all the more shocking. Source: Nate



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