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HyunA's gyaru makeup garners interest

August 25, 2010 @ 5:30 am
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Recently, via HyunA of 4minute's mini-hompy, photos of her visit to Japan were revealed, and they have been generating interest amongst her fans and netizens. Amongst the photos that were revealed, photos of HyunA with gyaru makeup have been getting the most attention. Gyaru makeup is a Japanese type of makeup that involves a unique hairstyle with a thick eye and face makeup which is popular amongst the younger groups in Japan. This type of makeup has been recently gaining popularity in Korea, as it has first garnered interest with BoA. Netizens and fans who have seen HyunA's photos commented things such as, "It looks better than BoA's gyaru makeup," "Very pretty," and, "You look like a Barbie doll."

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