Honey Lee receives her masters degree from Seoul University

August 31, 2010 @ 6:46 am
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Former Miss Korea Honey Lee has graduated from Seoul University's music graduate school, and she has received her masters degree in gukak, or traditional Korean music. Honey Lee graduated from a high school specializing in gukak and went on to Seoul University. She then applied to Seoul University's graduate school as a gukak major, more specifically with the gayageum, a Korean zither with twelve strings. She received her masters degree on the 30th. Honey Lee was highly influenced by her mother, also a gayageum musician, and grew up with much interest in traditional Korean music. She expressed, "I'd like to continue researching gukak and let the world know about the excellence of Korean music." Honey Lee's agency also revealed, "In order to graduate, Honey Lee has shown a unique sense of determination while attending school, and even working in dramas and musicals at the same time. She has had to catnap a lot." Honey Lee is currently discussing her next project.

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