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NS Yoon Ji returns with MV for Don't Go Back, a... plagiarized track?

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NS Yoon Ji, the older cousin & close friend of Kara's maknae Jiyoung, has finally returned to unleash her music video for comeback track Don't Go Back, but it looks like that this track might actually turn into a Pandora's box of legal matters! As you may recall, the UCLA student made her musical debut last September with Headache, attracting the attention of many for her unique & sexy image, which mixed feminine looks with a boyish song & stage concept. NS Yoon Ji is now returning in full force with her first single album (to be released on May 18) titled Ambitious, and released the track & music video for title song Don't Go Back (to be performed live on Music Bank this Friday the 14th) just a few hours ago. With this comeback, Yoon Ji has definitely switched concepts for something brighter & girlier, which matches the peppy beat & lyrics for this track. Even though it's only been out for a day, this video has already received a very hot response in Korea. Now if you're a La Roux fan like me and felt a burst of déjà vu when listening to this track, you're not alone - Don't Go Back was almost immediately linked to La Roux's popular summer track Bulletproof from last year, which debuted at #1 on the UK Singles chart and topped the U.S. Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs chart in September. Listen to the track and compare the two songs yourself: Despite having different lyrics obviously, these two songs essentially share the same chorus & infectious beat, and are both even in the same key. Although the kpop world may have yet another plagiarism case in its hands, we won't know for sure until Yoon Ji or La Roux's respective companies speak up about it. Stay tuned to allkpop as we further explore this matter!


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