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Netizens compare KARA's Nicole before and after figure

April 7, 2010 @ 8:30 am
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It seems like weight and diet have become keywords associated with KARA's Nicole, judging from the amount of related articles in the past few months. Lately, netizens have posted another set of photos of Nicole, comparing her past figure against her present figure, showing a vast contrast. The photos have gathered much interest because it shows a fuller Nicole when she appeared for KARA's Starhwabo press conference in December 2009 and another which shows her looking really thin for her Lupin promotions. Netizens commented, "She really lost a lot of weight," "I am really concerned about her health and diet," "I rather see the nice figure from before", "What a surprise, she looks like a different person," etc. What do you think? [gallery]



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