U-Kiss' Dongho reveals an unexpected hobby

March 12, 2010 @ 3:05 pm
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An average 16-year-old boy would normally enjoy video games and basketball as his hobbies. 16-year-old Dongho wouldn't. On a recent episode of MBC's program, Fantastic Partner, Dongho revealed a rather exotic hobby of his - that is, considering his age, occupation, and most importantly gender. Can you guess it? His hobby is none other than... knitting (yes, the feminine activity with needles and yarn). Teacher Gwi, the 9-year-old counselor on the show, revealed, "I feel like there's a connection between us two because we don't have much difference in age," in prior to talking about Dongho's concerns. After revealing that he enjoys knitting, the two began to get serious to make a change in his hobby. After only seeing the charismatic side of him as a U-Kiss member, Dongho's confession on his interest in knitting definitely shocks all of us. But at least he's being one of a kind, right?

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