[SPOILER] Park Shin Hye on High Kick Through The Roof

March 10, 2010 @ 7:08 pm
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On the latest episode of MBC's High Kick Through The Roof, Jin Ji Hee and BEAST's Gi Kwang finally blossomed their love on the 119th episode. After vowing to do so, Ji Hee's character Hae Ri, finally tied the knot with Gi Kwang's character Se Ho. So how does Park Shin Hye fit into all this? She portrays Hae Ri, the wife of Se Ho, 15 years into the future! People believe that Park Shin Hye made the perfect Hae Ri and even the way they talk is similar. Gi Kwang commented, "I heard many people thought that the ending was sad but I thought it was happy because Se Ho and Hae Ri got to blossom their love." When asked about Park Shin Hye, Gi Kwang said, "I think the Hae Ri from 15 years ago has grown up well. After the wedding, I first saw Park Shin Hye and she was very pretty." The sitcom will have its last taping on the 18th and its final airing on the 19th.

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