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CNBLUE releases new Japanese Album "ThankU"

March 20, 2010 @ 3:01 pm
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Earlier today the boys of CNBLUE released their new Japanese album titled ThankU. From a quick listen the album sounds pretty awesome. The album consists of 12 tracks in total and my favorite track is arigatou, which happens to be the only new track (besides the intro). The boys took an early flight out to Tokyo on March 20th to start their promotions of this album. Check out some of the selected tracks below and remember to support them by purchasing their album. Thanks to everyone who sent this in! Intro arigatou Full track list: 1 intro 2 Let's Go Crazy 3 Love Revolution 4 Wanna be Like U 5 Never too late 6 Now or Never 7 voice 8 Just Please 9 Y, Why 10 Teardrops in the Rain 11 One of a Kind 12

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